Thursday, March 19, 2009

If These Charts Were In My History Texts, I Would Have Actually Read Them!...

In my never-ending quest to find new forms of entertainment at my desk at "the corporation," I have stumbled upon producer, writer, and director Dan Meth's website, which is filled to the brim with awesome pop culture musings. He must have even more time on his hands at his day job than I do (or perhaps he is of the lucky few who doesn't need a day job, even in this economy) because he has begun posting pop culture charts. He has one for movie trilogies, sitcom houses, and my personal favorite: the geography of the sitcom.
I plan to shoot him an email soon with a few suggestions of charts/drawings to post next! I'd love to see some sort of job chart because I have noticed that a lot of sitcom characters end up doing the same crappy menial gigs (Do you think Rachel from Friends was the first waitress? You'd be wrong! Women in the workplace comedies may have started with The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but look how they evolved through Murphy Brown, Veronica's Closet, Just Shoot Me... even Robin on How I Met Your Mother could fall into that category!). What are your suggestions?

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