Monday, March 2, 2009

Men My Friends Are Talking About: Chris Brown...

All right, look, I resisted offering my two cents (remember that column? should I start that up again?) about the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna scandal for weeks now, partially because they're musicians first, and I don't really write about the music world, but mostly because so much going back and forth was still just speculative, and I try as hard as I possibly can to avoid gossip and fueling the rumors. Brown was fast on the right track to becoming America's Prince: his songs are squeaky-clean with little to no slang, let alone profanity; he always charmed the cameras, both on the red carpet and on movie sets; his smile lit up the room and melted young girls' hearts. He seemed like a genuine, down-to-Earth guy who could win over everyone, including the moms! But after TMZ leaked what was assumed to be the police photos of Rihanna's bruises, and Brown signed himself up for anger management classes, now the reports are that they are back together. And that is where I can no longer bite my tongue.
Why My Friends Are Talking About Him: Um, you'd pretty much have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the domestic drama that landed his girlfriend in the hospital and himself posting $50,000 bail on the biggest night of the year for their industry. Though he has publicly apologized for his behavior that night, he in no way explicitly says for what actions he is apologizing-- which has everyone from fans to the media wondering just what went down that night. Unfortunately, due to his aforementioned "good guy" image, this includes having people speculate what it was that Rihanna did to set off someone so likeable. Though no one I know personally thinks his behavior was excusable or justifiable regardless of the circumstances leading up to the event, we have all spent quite a waste of time discussing at length the possibilities. I guess sometimes, no matter how much we like to say we're above it, we can't help but fall victim to the "it" tabloid cover of the moment...especially when it features someone once mighty who seems to have fallen.

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