Monday, March 23, 2009

MMFATA: Joel Gretsch...

Okay, so I missed a week with this column last Monday in an attempt to stay away from the internet and focus my attention instead on my next novel. It didn't go so well. Apparently when I procrastinate my fictional writing, I find ample inspiration for my editorials. In that time, I also cut myself off from networking events and dinners or comedy club appearances with friends in order to finish a draft of said novel by...well, today, actually. That worked a little better. Unfortunately in doing so, I couldn't pose the very question of just "who are you talking about" to my friends, so today I will be a bit self-indulgent and just pick someone I am talking about: Joel Gretsch.
Gretsch became known to be through his somewhat tortured (after all his son had just come out of a coma on the show), somewhat serious (then his new wife went missing-- just disappeared into thin air), but always gripping performance on USA's The 4400, a series which I feel sadly never got proper closure. It was the Lost of basic cable, playing with jumps through time before J.J.Abrams ever revealed that was the "truth" of his island. Gretsch has also starred in, what I thought was an exceptionally clever film, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and Women's Murder Club, which was significantly lower in quality, but between him and Rob Estes, I still had enough eye-candy to tune in! Gretsch has always reminded me of the ridiculously blue-eyed Mark Valley (Fringe), which boded well for him even if I hated all of his work, simply because Valley was the first Jack Deveraux (Days of our Lives) I ever knew.

Why My Friends-- err, okay, I Am Talking About Him: Gretsch just popped up in Showtime's enjoyable new multi-personality series The United States of Tara, playing a serious but sometimes seemingly flirty doctor that Tara visits to try to get to the bottom of the reason for her alters. It was a surprise to see him on there, as he does not yet appear to have the clout behind his name to warrant casting blips on entertaiment news magazines when he gets roles such as this (though considering I write for quite a few of those right now, that might begin to change!), and I literally exclaimed his name aloud with glee when I first saw him in his white lab coat. Dr. Handsome!! Also, I just find it ironic and a bit funny that he is married to William Shatner's daughter Melanie while Mark Valley starred with William Shatner in Boston Legal. I wonder if Shatner, in his seemingly limited capacities, ever mixed the two men up and called them by the wrong name...

(Oh and in case you're wondering where the female counterpart is this week, I've decided to alternate and will post only one article per week, on a rotating basis. So check back next Monday to see another installment in the Women My Friends Are Talking About series.)

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