Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Five Cents: File Under WTF!?!?...

Rumor is circling the 'net now that Paris Hilton was just given a $10,000 Pomeranian puppy from Doug Reinhardt (you know, the fifth-lead on The Hills-- where that d-bag got $10,000 in expendable bills is beyond me!). Apparently, they were vacationing in Japan, and bootleg DVDs and top-of-the-line mp3 players weren't enough in the way of souvenirs for Ms. Hilton. Maybe the filming of season two of Paris Hilton's New BFF can cease now that Paris seems to have found the perfect "bestie."
I am a dog lover, and everyone knows that, but I'm not going to get up on a soapbox and tell everyone to adopt from pounds because I'd be a hypocrite to do so: the truth is all dogs need good homes. The ones that were bred for sale and end up in pet shops only stay there for about a month, and if no one buys them (and let's face it, in this economy, not many can afford that), they end up in the same shelters and get the same treatment as any stray or abandoned pup. In the end, what I'm getting at, though, is that all dogs are treated equally. So I don't understand how someone can put such a high price tag on one in particular (teacup or not-- and that's the other thing: breeding teacup dogs is borderline cruel because their cells are basically mutant versions of a healthy dog of normal breed size's cells, and therefore they only live for about five years). And even if someone is asking that inordinate amount, why the hell is someone else willing to reward their outlandish behavior by actually paying it!?!?

I have never tried to deny I paid more than a month's rent for my own purebred Shih Tzu, Madison, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat because of how much he means to me. Though the law sees dogs merely as property, anyone who has ever owned one (and has even half a heart) knows they are much more than that: they are children; they are companions; they are best friends. But still, I can only hope that Life & Style, who first reported this recession splurge, made a typo and accidentally threw on an extra zero because that is just a little too much. It's not like she and dog had already greatly bonded; it's not like that five digit number was a reward for a long-loved pet who was recently lost! Though knowing the extravagant lifestyle to which Paris is privy, that is merely chump change, and the rag probably got the story right for once.

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