Wednesday, March 18, 2009


- How much do you think tonight's elimination on American Idol had to do with the producers desperately trying to prove the Final Four Scandal was nothing but a vicious rumor?

- If you could go back in time ala the Oceanic Six, how would you "play Nostradamus," as it were? I would patent the shit out of stuff, but mostly I would just be sure to send my manuscripts and screenplays into agencies when I first wrote them. I'm sick of getting "where were you five years ago?" and seeing ideas similar to mine get made first.

- What are the odds NBC decided to put The Philanthropist on this summer because they figured all of their viewers would assume it's just another reality show? With a title that begs the memory of The Benefactor (only now with charity!), how can they not?

- What movie of Natasha Richardson's will you watch to remember and honor her expansive career? The only one I own is The Parent Trap, so I guess I'll go with that, but it really doesn't do her justice...

...And on a side note: Natasha Richardson passed away from complications with a head injury she obtained while skiing. She was on life support (according to the reports I heard anyway), but she was brain dead, and I guess her family decided not to prolong the suffering. I don't know if it's some kind of irony, God's cruel joke, or just a really weird coincidence, but today my British/actor neighbor attempted suicide, too distraught over the death of his own wife eight months ago to go on. His own wife was and actress/writer/model who was pronounced brain dead and on life support after a bad motorcycle accident. My heart and thoughts go out to the families-- Natasha's and his-- and hope that they seek the grief counseling and support they need to get through this seemingly unbearable time.

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