Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When Perfect Isn't So...

The NY Post announced today that the real life Countess and Little Miss Etiquette from Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City is splitting from her husband of more than a decade and a half and the man who gave her the title of which she is inordinantly proud. While the season that is currently airing wrapped production months ago, surely this will be fodder for the reunion show. Countless deLesseps (ironically she always points out that she needs to be addressed by her title, but soon I'm sure she'll be relegated to just plain ole' Lu!) has spoken out to the press about being "blindsided" and "devastated," especially for her two children's sakes. Rumors are circulating that the Count has met someone else-- presumably someone younger and bronzer (if that's possible!), but the Countess, ever Miss Manners, has assured everyone they will remain friends.

As far as I was concerned, the Countess had the best personal situation out of all of the women on that show. Her husband pretty much lives in Europe and only "pops by" to New York occasionally, and seemingly only when business requires it. Sure, I could see how it would be hard on the children-- though they are teenagers and probably don't want to bother with their parents anyway-- but for me it would be the perfect living arrangement. I have always said that I am just no good in relationships unless the guy lives at least two cities over (in Los Angeles, two cities is still sometimes just a ten minute drive). I don't like having the obligation of having to spend every weekend night with my guy, and I really don't like his stuff encroaching on my space! My apartment is small (and cluttered!) enough as it is with just me and a fourteen pound dog living there!

I am already well aware that very few people share my view on relationships, let alone marriage, though. Obviously, long distance hasn't been working for these two-- nor does it work for many when it is so long term. The Countess was still reaping all of the financial perks of being married (and being married to someone so well off, too!), but being surrounded by her shiny, smiley couple friends-- especially the ones on the show with her, who seem to enjoy rubbing other people's noses in their "bliss" (ahem, SiLex, I'm wrinkling my nose disgustedly at you!)-- probably just kept reminding her of what she had only on paper. Considering the Countess never likes to let anyone see her sweat, I guess she won't be back for season three!

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