Monday, March 9, 2009

Why I'm Agro Today: Strippers Make Sooo Much More Than I Do!...

Last night on the Rock of Love Bus one of the trashier trashtastic contestants vying for Mr. Bret Michaels' "love," Ms. ASShley, who has made it known that she makes her living as a stripper, said something I found completely outlandish. She made a comment during the "Mommy Challenge" about how she "may dance on the weekends," which yes, refers to stripping and not just hanging out at the clubs "cutting loose," but from Monday through Friday, she is a full time stay at home mom. WTF???

It baffles me that a stripper can make enough in two days-- err, nights-- of work a week to live as comfortably as she seems to, with her Christian Audigier uniforms and platinum hair extensions (though those do look pretty cheap!). It baffles me at the sheer number of reality shows that reward such behavior, as well, picking these girls as contestants. It baffles me, especially in this economy, when banks are seizing houses by the buttload and grown adults have to move back home, that strippers can still be thriving. I'm not a complete prude or anything, but that is not what I had in mind for the good ole fashioned American dream!


Jamie said...

Didn't the stripper on Friends say she made $1600/week? Obviously that's fictional, but still!

Jamie said...

Okay because I was curious. Yahoo answers says: "I make anywhere from $700 - $1,200 at night, $300 - $600 during the day. It depends on the clientele and competition, and city" Someone else said their roommate was a stripper and usually made a couple hundred per night.

Yeah, I make about $600/week before taxes... :(