Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wild Card!...

This blog is reserved for my discussion of the American Idol judges' choices for this season's Wild Card, but I feel compelled to take a minute to ask what the hell was with that poorly lip synced version of Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold????" Only Von Trapp knew how to sing with his hands enough to distract the at-home audience from the fact that no one was matching the pre-taped track! Through props must go to Scott McIntyre who managed to find the camera every time even though he's blind; he's an inspiration and could teach some of these other kids (Alex McGeeky-Dork, I'm looking at you!) a thing or two!

Okay onto the actual article:

This season of American Idol has been unprecedented for quite a number of reasons, but the first being that the at-home viewing and voting public has, for the first time, gotten to watch the Top 36 perform in full for the judges and then case their own opinions on who should make the Top 12. Presumably the show wanted to "mix it up" to avoid running into critics deeming their formula "stale" now eight seasons in, but undoubtedly they probably also wanted to avoid any claims that the show is fixed. If the public chose the Top 12, any judges' bias couldn't be too great, right? Well, sort of. For one thing, the Top 36 were split into three groups in order to perform, and it is safe to say the way they were broken out was not completely random! Then we were told that each night, the top male vote-getter, the top female vote-getter, and then the one with the next highest number (male or female) would get through. Um, fine...except for the fact that the male talent absolutely crushes the female talent this season, but if three guys had the highest number of votes for the whole night, a chick still had to get through. Something didn't seem quite fair about that. "But there's a wild card!" Ryan proclaimed, teasingly, week after week, never letting us (or the ousted contestants) forget that they had a small glimmer of hope left.

And last night, after the final three were chosen to create the Top 9, Ryan announced who the contenders for the Wild Card slots would be. The judges narrowed down the remaining contestants; the decision did not appear to be based on the amount of votes these people got on their respective performance evenings. Needless to say, even before watching the episode, I correctly predicted the majority of said contenders. There's Anoop Desai, the Boy Band wannabe; Megan Corkrey, the tatted single mom who I actually quite liked (not to intentionally quote Simon or anything) during early audition rounds; straight-out-of-High School Musical's Von Trapp (real name: Von Smith), and of course, crazy eyes herself, Tatiana Del Toro, who can only be in the running because she makes for "interesting TV." Once again, I will point out that in seven seasons of American Idol, the actual best singer only won once-- maybe twice. I hate Nigel more and more these days.

Others who will perform tonight but who I did not recognize/remember are Jasmine Murray, Matt Giraud, Rickey Braddy and Jesse Langseth. I'm yawning. Yawning and wondering what happened to Danny Gokey's bestie because I don't remember seeing the "big emotional moment" I was sure AI was setting up for the inevitable time those two were split apart. They were season eight's answer to the Blake Lewis/Chris Richarson bromance!

A bit sadly, though, two of the top contenders from the third week's performers, Felicia Barton, and Ju'Not Joyner, did not get their second-- err, third chance (Barton had been brought back after another contestant was disqualified, and Joyner actually made it to Hollywood week on a previous season before being cut) to perform toward the Top 12. Not so sadly, Kendall Beard didn't make the cut either. It's not that I have something against country music, or even the fact that I'm sick of all contemporary country artists looking exactly like Carrie Underwood lately!, but while this chick was singing, all I could think was how she looked exactly like a younger, slightly more tanorexic (and that's hard to do!) version of Tamra from The Real Housewives of Orange County. And after the reunion special, I have no patience for that b*tch!

I know "America votes" and all, but I'm going to tell you right now: this season's Wild Cards are going to be Anoop Desai, Von Trapp (because 1) he reminds Simon of Clay Aiken and 2) he can give the others pointers on how to lip sync convincingly), and of course, Tatiana Del Toro. The term "Wild Card" is once again only interesting when it's on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I think it's back to The Biggest Loser on Tuesdays for me!

Oh but PS: I love Jorge and all (he's the G-D American dream!), but someone over at Freemantle and/or Fox has to learn to subtitle him on the spot or else it's going to get really annoying for those viewers who aren't bilingual, and it risks his chances in the long run.

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danielletbd said...

I have never been so happy to be wrong about something-- thankfully my Wild Card picks were not who the judges went with after all (though I probably should have taken into consideration that they were going to try to even out the guy/girl ratio). So with the addition of Megan, Jasmine, Matt, and last minute Anoop, what do you think of the Top 13???