Monday, March 30, 2009

WMFATA: Alexis Grace...

Alexis Grace was a complete unknown when she stepped foot in front of three-- err, make that four-- very strict judges, and about thirty million even harsher critics in the comfort of their own living rooms. She was a rare American Idol hopeful, though, who actually took the judges' advice in stride when they told her to "dirty it up," even if her way to "dirty" was to just hack off her hair and stripe it with bubblegum pink. The young mother was a pixie in frame but a true force when she opened her mouth...until her "Last Chance" performance, that is, when she was so overcome with sadness her voice cracked. Needless to say, the judges didn't choose to save her (I really don't understand why during said "Last Chance" performance, the contestant has to sing the song that landed them the lowest number of votes anyway; he or she should be allowed to pick from any of the past performances to remind the judges-- and America-- why they have been around so long in the first place!) and even though hers was a whole elimination ago, it still stings.
Why My Friends Are Talking About Her: Rumors circulated the 'net two weeks ago that the final four of this eighth season of the nation's number one "singing contest" was fixed, and Grace made the cut. Shockingly, the following day, Grace was cut from the competition, and the rumors swirled again that she was only let go (and so early, too!) out of desperation to convince America that their votes really do still count. A true victim to the forced "reality" of reality TV, Grace won't even get to go on the tour, while freakshow Adam Lambert still screams on. It's a true travesty!

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