Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WWATN: The Full House Series Continues With "Uncle Joey"...

After deciding to make my "Where Are They Now?" column a weekly one, I got many requests from my friends to follow up with their favorites from Full House, and while I was intrigued, since that show was always one of my favorites and of the select few I chose to have immortalized in a custom Fazzino, I thought it might be just a little too easy to pick the patriarch, the "cool" aunt and/or uncle, or the precocious little sister. After all, they are on new shows of their own now, if not also making headlines for their personal lives. So I opted to look for a supporting cast member who may not have spawned her own talking doll or catchphrase but was still an integral part to the show. I got so many great responses, I decided to make this "Follow Up With Full House" series continue a little longer. Today's profilee is none other than the wacky Uncle-who-wasn't-really-related-to-any-of-them-and-yet-it-was-still-perfectly-okay-for-a-thirty-year-old-man-to-live-with-and-help-raise-three-young-girls Joey, Comedian Dave Coulier.

Coulier started his career as a stand-up comedian but his knack for voices had him doing voice over work and cartoons in no time, contributing to everything from The Little Mermaid (the series) to The Real Ghostbusters, where he made a name for himself as Peter Venkman. Aside from a few guest appearances or three-episode arcs on small sitcoms, Full House was the only "live action" role that Coulier appeared in, and it just happened to be one that launched him to fame with the tween crowd.

His success with Full House came to an end in 1995 when the show went off the air, changing the face of ABC's TGIF forever, and suddenly Coulier went from being known as "Uncle Joey" to "that guy Alanis Morissette is singing about (in the July '95 release of Jagged Little Pill which featured a song called "You Oughta Know") among his fans. Needless to say, the young girls that once saw him as a loveable teddy bear but now thought he was responsible for (unjustifiably) hurting their kickass rocker idol probably turned on him-- and fast.

Coulier went on to do many more voices post-...House, like Felix The Cat Saves Christmas, Teen Titans, The Farce of the Penguins, and Robot Chicken. He also started his own production company in 2001 and began touring again, doing "clean, wholesome, family" stand-up. Coulier boasts he uses no "four letter words" in his act and has even started a website dedicated to such comedy: In June 2008, Coulier was also elected Commissioner of the Promotion by the CHIKARA Board of Directors, a seemingly ridiculous and fake title that fellow ...House castmember Bob Saget also held. Well, when you're not getting nominated for acting awards, I guess you'll take what you can get...

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