Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WWATN: The One And Only Gibbler Herself...

Full House was far from Andrea Barber's first acting role, but there is no arguing about the fact that her role there as dorky Kimmy Gibbler, quite literally the girl next door, made her a household name. She didn't exactly have her own catchphrases ala cute little Michelle, but she had a very unique and special brand of humor all of her own anyway. Barber was great for antagonizing everyone from neat-freak dad Danny to spunky middle sister Stephanie with her notoriously smelly feet and uncanny ability to "pop in" at the most inopportune of times. Some may even credit Kimmy Gibbler for the reason they enforce their children locking the door behind them when they come home from school!

Barber got her start as young Carrie Brady on Days of our Lives in the eighties before hitting guest parts on everything from St. Elsewhere to Growing Pains, but nothing came close to the eight years she spent on Full House. Since the show ended in 1995, Barber has taken a long leave of absence from the acting world, and though some more recent headshots of her seem to be floating around on the internet, she seems quite content to be a wife and mother. After attending Whittier College in California, the former child star went on to work in their offices for a little while but left to get married in 2002 and move to England for graduate school. She also has two young children now-- children who will undoubtedly catch glimpses of their mom on ABC Family (if they haven't already) and want to know more about her life as an actor. Perhaps that will even be the push for Barber to get back into the business!

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