Monday, April 6, 2009

Charity: It's For A Good Cause!...

About a month ago I did my first on-camera interview in about four years with the women behind IBG. The interview was to be used for an article I was writing on them as a part of my bi-weekly "Inspirational Women in the Entertainment Industry" series over at "I Am That Girl" but it also served as a vehicle for the women to promote themselves on their own website, as well as with various other non-profits and the publicists and/or managers of talent they hoped to get involved in any of their future projects (you might remember I wrote about them before-- regarding a LA screening and Q&A they threw for some very lucky X Files fans).

Well, my full article won't be up at IATG until a week from Thursday, but you can see a clip from our interview exclusively right here and now:

If you are inspired-- or even just intrigued-- by what these women have to say, please head over to their official website to read up on their various causes and upcoming events and how you can get involved!

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