Monday, April 6, 2009

MMFATA: Thomas Lennon...

It is damn near impossible to find a normal photo of Thomas Lennon, known most heavily for his flamboyant work as Lt. Dangle on Comedy Central's improv sitcom, RENO! 911. A quick Google Image search for shots of the funny man pull up page after page of him in tiny cut off shorts (usually khaki, but every tenth photo or so shows him in the hot pink, denim, or otherwise navy kind), and even his IMDb headshot displays him sitting on a stoop in a suit jacket and tight white underwear. The funny man clearly has no problem turning his sense of humor toward himself, and that is a pretty endearing quality all by itself. Add to the fact that he is genuinely talented (he has been writing sketch comedy since he was a teenager and has theater training, as well), and it is almost a shame at how easily typecasted he gets. Almost because he is damn hysterical every time, and if his wife doesn't have a problem with him playing gay time and again, we certainly have no right to!
Why My Friends Are Talking About Him: Lennon's few scenes in both I Love You, Man and 17 Again absolutely steal the movies and make them worth a second look when they hit DVD in just a couple of months. In sub-par comedies, he is the only guaranteed laugh, and in fact, one of my friends actually got her boyfriend to a screening of 17 Again with her by pointing out that Lennon had a part in the flick. The newest season of RENO started up again last week, too, and after a delayed hiatus due to uncertainty of renewal, not all of the original castmembers are back. The show now needs to find new ground-- and some new fans-- and it is off to a shaky start at best, but thankfully Lennon has returned as the anchor. Since his Q rating up higher than ever, there is no doubt if anyone can save the fledging series, it is him!

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Jamie said...

I don't know why; but I totally didn't realize that was him in I Love You, Man. He looks exactly the same, but for some reason I just didn't catch it until I read this. And then I was like, "who was he in... OOOOHHH!"

He's so good.