Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Book In A Nutshell...

I talk a lot about learning all of my important life lessons from 80s and 90s television, and I have always been convinced I am not alone in that. After all, I come from the generation of latchkey kids! So, absolutely sure there are at least dozens of others out there with skewed (and slightly screwed) perspective as me, I set out to turn my experiences (or lack thereof) into a book. In part because of all of the autobiographical essay memoirs that have become so popular of late (if Chelsea Handler, Sloane Crosley, Cindy Guidry, Giulia Melucci, and Laurie Notaro are any indication), I stuck primarily to my lessons on relationships, dating, marriage, and even sex, though.

After being turned down by about a dozen literary agencies who felt my subject matter "just wasn't right" for them, despite the fact that they advertised they were looking for memoirs and/or books on pop culture, I actually did find a handful that seemed eager to read my full manuscript. I happily sent it off and am now a waiting the 2-3 months it may take for them to review and let me know if and when they would like to sign it/me.

Then my friend sent me a link about one of those like-minded individuals I kept in mind while writing my book, and I got nervous. Her own lessons featured many of the same influences/inspirations that mine did, and she put her thoughts together a lot more succinctly (and perhaps even universally) than I ever care to. Suddenly 2-3 months seems like a long, long time! I can only hope she, too, is not shopping around a book about how pop culture influenced her life!

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