Monday, April 20, 2009

What Is Wrong With People!?!?!?...

I may be a bit embarrassed to admit I was the last person on the planet to see Slumdog Millionaire, having just caught it last week when it was delivered to my office, but I am not at all embarrassed to admit the reason I wanted to see it was because those adorable little kids won me over on the Oscar red carpet. Cute and talented, they should have very bright futures, regardless of whether or not they want to continue down the entertainment path. Sadly, though, they really do come from an extremely poor village, and their opportunities are severely limited. Some might think, then, that all they need is a ticket out. Rubiana Ali's father certainly seems to think so; if you can believe US Weekly, he has reportedly made it known that he wants someone to adopt her to give her the better life he cannot. It would be a noble effort-- much the way teenage or otherwise inept mothers give their babies up for adoption-- except he is asking for $300,000 for her. He is not simply hoping his precious daughter will find a more affluent, loving, and supportive home; he hopes to profit. He wants to raise himself up out of poverty, not see his child succeed in better circumstances. He is hiding behind the guise of good intentions when really he is just a snake in the grass-- or one on the red carpet, as it were-- having seen wealth within his grasp at that awards show and desperate to grab it for himself. On one hand, he should rot in hell...but on the other, at least Ali really will be better off without such a character in her life (if he succeeds).

And as someone who is just starting the adoption process and has already feared being turned down or otherwise shut out due to financial reasons, I cannot let it go without saying that I find it absolutely appalling, sickening, and completely disheartening how the process has been distorted and bastardized. Sometimes it seems to be less about giving a deserving child a good home and rather about a business-- a baby buying business. And we all know how much I hate business!

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