Monday, April 20, 2009

WMFATA: Diem Brown...

Originally I planned to do a more in-depth profile on Ms. Diem Brown for my column on I Am That Girl, but as I logged onto her official website to get some specifics, I found she had already been written about there once before. Never one to be a copycat, I decided to forgo the longer Q&A style piece for this column on my own site instead.

Brown shocked, awed, and inspired friends and fans alike during her run on The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat not only for the harrowing competitions in which she competed and thrived but also because she did it all while battling ovarian cancer. The twenty-something always had a smile on her face and was up for whatever the crazy producers over at Viacom could throw at her, and she did it all without letting her castmates know she was sick...until a particularly grueling and wet event, that is. No one could forget how Brown, for the first time in the history of her brief but already memorable run on the show, was visibly nervous as she stared at the pool. But very quickly she proved nothing would faze her as she whipped off her wig and dove straight into the water, earning the cheers and respect of her greatest competitors.

Why My Friends Are Talking About Her: Brown is back on MTV on yet another ...Challenge (The Duel II), and she has only gotten stronger-- physically, but also emotionally. Brown signed up for the challenge knowing her ex CT would be there as well, and though she admits she still cares for him, she saw his volatile and aggressive side get turned toward her on previous versions of the show and never once faltered in her decision to put herself first. CT wasted no time becoming belligerent and violent on The Duel II, and it was clear it was because he was still hurting over how their relationship ended. Brown stuck to her guns, though, and refused to get wrapped back up in his drama. A woman who has had first hand experience with just how short (and unpredictable) life can be, Brown uses her good spirits and her smarts for more than just making her own life the best it possibly can be: she also started a foundation, aptly called Live For The Challenge to raise money for, and provide wish gifts to kids affected by, cancer of any kind.

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