Monday, April 13, 2009

WMFATA: Lily Allen...

Lily Allen has gotten a bad rap in the press. More people know her as "that drunk club girl-- no, not Britney; the brunette..." than a stellar singer or songwriter. I admit I knew her as mostly that, but mostly because I don't listen to Top 40 or to the radio in general. The wild child may not be as hardcore as Amy Winehouse, but she has certainly had her own controversial moments-- whether they are getting snapped swimming topless while on vacation or the lyrics from her own albums. Allen may never be the squeaky clean pop princess from yesteryear, but that should only make her more interesting. She is witty, spunky, and sardonic, and most of all fearless to do whatever she wants as an artist.

Why My Friends Are Talking About Her: Two weeks ago, Allen performed an exclusive set at The Wiltern, and to quote my friend Natalie, "It was the best show ever!!" Two weeks later, my friends are quite literally still talking about it-- from the moment when Allen kicked off the pumps that she wore "for the photographers" and slipped on a pair of Air Jordans so she could bounce around the stage to when Lindsay Lohan slipped out from the wings and tapped her on her shoulder during a number (what other singer would allow the spotlight to be stolen-- even if briefly-- at their own concert??). Besides, as my friend Natalie says, "If you're in your twenties, and you're a chick, her music is for you!" And we are.

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Rad said...

I'm glad Lily is still around and still awesome. My friend switched me on to her way back when and I enjoyed it. I never bought an album or even downloaded the tracks I liked, but I was always glad someone I thought had talent is still out there making music and being respected. Plus she digs ska, and that's always awesome.