Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WWATN: The Other Jackson...

In honor of California Dreams being released on DVD yesterday, today's Wednesday's Where Are They Now? features yet another past NBC Saturday morning player. Since I already covered Aaron Jackson-- the only Dreams member to whom I actually wondered whatever happened-- and because we are about to find out where the cast of Saved By The Bell has been hiding these days (assuming Jimmy Fallon gets his way, that is), I decided to take a look at my favorite off The New Class: one Mr. Richard Lee Jackson.

Jackson played Ryan Parker on SBTB: The New Class, stepping into heartthrob role that Mark Paul Gosselaar had vacated just the season before. It was a big leap for Jackson, who had pretty much been in the shadow of his baby brother, Jonathan, who had already risen to stardom and "cute guy" status as Lucky on General Hospital. The elder Jackson spent three years walking the halls of Bayside before moving onto his first of many period pieces with the 1960s friendship drama Any Day Now. For the past decade, Jackson has worked intermittently, averaging about two made for TV movies every few years, but he hasn't quite shed his typecasting yet. Jackson still gets cast as the love interest in female driven Hallmark Channel flicks.

Jackson's last such project had him starring as a sidekick to Kevin Sorbo's bounty hunter after a group of refugees seeking shelter in his church is murdered by a gang of ruthless outlaws...but that aired back in 2007, and unfortunately Jackson doesn't appear to have any upcoming projects on the horizon. He and his wife live in the Northwest, where he has seemingly been focusing more on music. He co-founded Vancouver's Hilasterion Records with his brother, and his band released their first album just last year, finding a spot on the Top 10 iTunes Rock Charts after their single was featured on One Tree Hill.

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