Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Day, Another Talk Show...

Aisha Tyler is the only name on the Maxim Hot 100 party tip sheet that I'm really excited to talk to on the red carpet. I have loved everything she's ever done-- from uber-nerd and scientist Charlie on Friends, to live stand-up specials (for which she produced the above incomparable music video), to the uptight "kooky" character she played in the independent film Meet Market, and even as Mother Earth in The Santa Clause sequels. She's someone I've been trying to get a hold of for an i am that girl profile and also someone I would love to invite to be a headliner comedienne for my Oral Cancer Foundation stand-up benefit (still a work in progress). Now I have learned that the talented actress and comedienne is being given her own talk show, too.

All right look: it appears that these days everyone and their mother gets a talk show. And most last only about a day and a half (and rightly so). Megan Mullally was hysterical on Will & Grace, but something got lost in translation on her own daytime show...even when she interviewed Jensen. I love Bonnie Hunt's dry acerbic wit more than the next gal, but sometimes it still surprises me her show has been doing so well when really it is a simpler version of Ellen: The Ellen Degeneres Show. Both of those women were actors first, and sometimes watching them interview other actors became (or becomes in Hunt's case) a bit awkward in trying to ride the line between asking a question and really seeming interested and engaged in finding out the answer and instead filling the time with anecdotes from their own lives, as their publicists trained them to do for talk show appearances of their own. But I am genuinely excited for Tyler, whose past experience with Talk Soup more than qualifies her to know what she's doing in the hosting world. And something tells me I better soak up my five minutes on the carpet with her because it's not going to get any easier to try to nail this busy woman down!

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