Friday, May 29, 2009

DanielleTBD's Perfect Emmy Ballot: Comedy...

The Emmy nomination season is just about upon us once again, so please allow me to make my recommendations to the Academy.

Best Supporting Actress:

Kate Flannery
(Meredith Palmer, The Office)-- What's funnier than dry-drunk humor? Dry-drunk humor in a dry-corporate setting!

Alyson Hannigan
(Lily Aldrin, How I Met Your Mother)-- The pint-sized star brought mega-laughs even when suffering from "pregnancy brain." Sure, she missed a few episodes due to her oversized stomach being too hard to hide, but she more than made up for it when she was around.

Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor, The Office)-- Her deadpan delivery is one thing, but the woman can riff with the best of them and often goes toe to toe with some of the improv greats, always holding her own. And I know you can't win an Emmy (yet) for your Twitter commentary, but that should be taken into account here, too, only because it proves her funny bone is truly hers and not simply the mark of a good script.

Eva Longoria Parker
(Gabrielle Solis, Desperate Housewives)-- Some called her fearless for strapping on a fat-suit and stripping off her makeup to play a harried mom this past season, but it was her ever-present eager, perky humor that lightened even the most dramatic of scenes, like when Eli the handyman passed away, or when she caught her husband's boss' wife standing over her husband's dead body after she had stabbed him.

Wanda Sykes (Barb, The New Adventures of Old Christine)-- It is a wonder why someone as smart, funny, and seemingly well-put-together would hang out with the mess that is Christine Campbell, but I'm certainly glad she does because she offers not only words of wisdom but comical ones to make the lessons fun! Plus one stony look from her is all it takes to understand she's annoyed and to elicit a giggle fit. With her getting her own talk show, though, it appears it will be her last season on ...Christine, and therefore her last shot at this award (at least for a little while).

Best Supporting Actor:

Charlie Day (Charlie Kelly, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)-- It's hard to pick the most outlandish of the ...Sunny gang, but Day's "Night Man" performance and skittish line delivery set this "abortion survivor" in a class all by himself.

Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother)-- for turning his catchphrase-loving, suit-wearing playboy into a real, relateable man with his pining for friend Robin all season.

Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz, The Big Bang Theory)-- As if the uber-tight jeans, high-tops, and bowl cut weren't enough, he also offers the show's main dose of swarm. He would be the Barney Stinson of his own group of friends-- if he didn't live with his mother and if he ever got laid, that is...but that would make him far less funny.

Jack McBrayer (Kenneth The Page, 30 Rock)-- His scenes are often few and far between, but he steals them everytime, and this past season he was finally given a little more to do when Jenna tried to kill him in order to hook up with a hot EMT. The lines he whispered while slowly swelling and choking may or may not have been adlibs, but they had me roaring regardless!

Chi McBride (Emerson Cod, Pushing Daisies)-- I admit I was one of the many who didn't watch Pushing Daisies enough to keep it on-air, but his crude comments always elicited a hearty laugh when the otherwise odd settings and characters were sometimes a bit off-putting (at least for me). Plus, he just seems like such a big goofball in real life, I just want to hand him an award and get a bear hug as a thank you!

Best Actress:

Christina Applegate (Samantha Newly, Samantha Who?)-- "Good" Sam is wide-eyed, just a little naive, and the exact opposite of "bad" Sam, who is cunning, calculating, and downright c-word-y. But Applegate plays them both with such finesse, it makes it hard to choose which one of whom you want to see the most!

Tina Fey (Liz Lemon, 30 Rock)-- She delivers quips so smoothly and effortlessly that sometimes you have to go back and watch the scene again to take them all in sufficiently-- and not just because you are often still laughing from one when a new one comes up. And this is not just a "nomination for me by extension" because she and I are the same person!

Jaime Pressly (Joy Turner, My Name Is Earl)-- Whether she is tying her kids to herself with rope to keep them from blowing away in a tornado or arguing over how smart she is, she makes white trash look like the kind of neighbor you'd want to find next door!

Portia De Rossi (Veronica Palmer, Better Off Ted)-- Though the show has only had a short, six-episode run thus far, and De Rossi spent a lot of it buried among a mediocre ensemble, she always managed to let her dry wit shine through, bringing just a little bit of Lindsay Funke to an office environment. And since it's too late to give her the Emmy she deserved for Arrested Development, I say the Academy pulls a Denzel and at least gives her a nomination for this new role!

Alexandra Wentworth (Dr. Elizabeth Goode, Head Case)-- Apparently I have a soft spot for funny, blonde improv comics. And Wentworth is the epitome of them. Even when she is interrupting a patient's emotional, heartfelt worry to attend to something personal of her own (taste wedding cake samples or read through messages), she is endearing and lovable.

Best Actor:

Alec Baldwin (Jack Donaughy, 30 Rock)-- Where to begin? This season Jack started going to Liz for advice on everything from business to dating matters, which was just preposterous enough to get a laugh on his own, but when peppered with his sometimes politically incorrect (but always political) rantings, those laughs turn into full-on snorts.

Steve Carell (Michael Scott, The Office)-- He's probably an obvious choice here, but he deserves every ounce of it for his buttoned-up performance of the World's Worst Boss.

Clark Gregg (Richard Campbell, The New Adventures of Old Christine)-- He is goofy and affable and a bit aloof, and when he matches wits with Christine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), it is like a battle of the dimwits. His smile charms, and his slight stutter wins us over even more, but his hapless and helpless personality is what wins us over the most. Perhaps sometimes we laugh more at him than with him, but that still counts, right?

Zachary Levi (Chuck Bartowski, Chuck)-- I always thought he was severely underrated as the "I take my job way too seriously" assistant on Less Than Perfect, but now that he is finally in the spotlight as the lead on his own show, he can get the acclaim he has so rightly deserved. The best thing about him is that he plays off his innate geek chicness, being light and playful one minute and a bit gawky and awkward the next. Plus, he has killer kung fu moves!

Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory)-- He is How I Met Your Mother's Pretentious Ted to a whole other degree, and honestly it is his rapport with next-door neighbor Penny (Kaley Cuoco) that is the most priceless, as her put-on ditz act drives him absolutely nuts, and it's fun to watch him unravel. Whether he is just knocking on her door, calling her name, or literally squirming in his seat to interject with some scientific facts during a lunchtime conversation, he takes "socially awkward" way past quirky.

Best Comedic Series:

None of these should need any explanation (especially if you read my past-- and biased!-- articles):
30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Samantha Who?, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Head Case.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my dramatic picks!!


Anita said...

I know Mindy Kaling will never get a nom, but I was so happy to see her on your list, yaaaaaay!! <3

Kate, Dating in LA said...

It's a good list, but I have to give props to Californication and David Duchovny. Amazing blend of "that's so wrong" and touching. And honestly, I don't know another actor who could make Hank likeable. And no, I'm not just saying that because Duchovny is hot. ;)