Saturday, May 23, 2009

MTV And The Great White Return...

One week from today I'll be covering the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. I wasn't excited about the screaming tweens, R-Patz, Miley, or the Jo Bros, but after Kris Allen won American Idol (and the winner was rumored to attend), and now this, needless to say, the event is looking up for me!

The first volume (dropped May 19) of "Relapse" was frenetic. It chronicled the complete (in Eminem's case, four year) journey of addiction (battling demons in "Stay Wide Awake"), detox (experiencing a fever dream in "Insane"), rehab (looking inside himself in "Beautiful"), relapse (a "Well, duh" with "Deja Vu"), and back again. It was all done in a non-linear, manic fashion to aptly capture what was swirling around in the artist's mind. Locked up in his own head, away from the game, for so long had him itchy to get back to the image he so poignantly crafted but also dying to squash it and start anew. And therein lay his central dilemma: should Eminem give his fans what they had been missing for four long years or stay true to-- and debut-- his new sober and somewhat somber maturity? "Relapse" had a hard time making a decision on which Eminem it would reveal. Coming full circle to his "Guilty Conscience" days, Eminem exhibited his two sides interchangeably (no angels here; just two types of demons), each battling for his soul, his career, and his life in general. However, in only a few more months, the second disc of the two-volume set will drop (probably just in time to rival Mariah's "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" in pre-holiday sales), and he will be forced to tie them up once but hopefully (for the hip-hop game's sake) not for good. I know I'll be staying tuned!

And come back here next weekend to see my exclusive pics from the MTV Movie Awards red carpet...and maybe a little video, too :)

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