Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Five Cents: Who's Your Mother?...

After last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother, during which (spoiler alert) Future Ted tells his children they would not be here today (or in the future) if he hadn't bumped into who he did on that rainy street corner, many fans are squealing that the mother is actually Sarah Chalke. But I am here to dispell that rumor-- or wishful thinking-- and not simply because the creators pretty much admitted it was nothing more (than a rumor) at the TV Academy panel for the show back in January.

Ted never once said that it was because of the woman he bumped into that his kids were born. He just said it was because of the circumstance, or fate, as he was trying to lead them to believe. Let's look at the facts, shall we? Ted and Stella were at the same St. Patrick's Day party-- a party to which she was dragged by some friends, and a party at which he was acting like a total d-bag and admitted that if he had met his kids' mother then, she wouldn't have liked him much. This is also the party where he found the infamous yellow umbrella. More importantly, though, at this party, Ted bumped into a woman while beelining for the bar-- a woman with whom he had a short "Whoops"/"It's okay" type of exchange. Now, everyone knows that such an exchange is just superfluous unless the character becomes important sometime later, sometime down the line.

Let me share my theory here, now, so that I can say "I told you so" when Carter and Craig finally reveal it later. That woman that Ted bumped into-- that woman, who is probably the friend of Stella's who dragged her to the bar and who Ted has met before but gets to know better now that he and Stella will have their closure-- that woman is the mother.

You heard it here first.

And I really, really hope that she is finally revealed, in the future with Bob Saget and the kids, as Pamela Fryman.

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Jamie said...

I forgot about the oops moment at the bar, but I do also think it's going to be a friend of Stella's that he'll meet b/c he and Stella reconnect as friends b/c of the sidewalk moment.

Though, while I don't think Stella's the mother, the St. Patrick's thing doesn't rule her out b/c he didn't actually meet Stella at the bar. He said the mother would have hated him if she had met him there, but then if the oops woman is the mom she had just as much exposure to Ted at the party (more, even) than Stella did. So while I like your theory, I don't think you can say she's the mom but then also say Stella isn't b/c of the party.

I hope that came out semi-coherently, heh.