Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Open Letter To TPTB At "The Soup"...

Dear Mr. McHale and Co:

A couple of days ago I wrote a somewhat scathing Open Letter to the E! channel after witnessing a gross atrocity at their offices while attending a taping of The Soup. I can only hope if you read that you were able to recognize the good intentions behind it: I am your number one cheerleader and just want the best for you.

Today I admit I am coming to you for a favor. The Soup is pretty much my dream job; I absolutely love all things television-- especially the craptastic television-- and I willingly watch all of the shows you feature on a weekly basis anyway. And what better way to spend your life and career than doing what you love to do and actually getting paid for it? Right? RIGHT??

I truly believe in the Donald Trump way of thinking that "you'll only be successful if you love what you do," but moreover, I feel that it helps the resulting product absolutely immensely if the people working on it are having a good time and not grumbling about their "job." Therefore, I would like to submit to you my resume as an entertainment (oh, okay, mainly television) writer (my full credit sheet/production resume is available upon request). If you ever have a position available as a researcher and/or writer, I hope that you will think of me.


Danielle Turchiano
Los Angeles CA
January 2009 - Present
Guest Columnist
- Maintain a bi-weekly column on Inspirational Women in the Entertainment Industry.
- Work with various publicity firms to book, schedule, and conduct interviews.

I’m Not Here To Make Friends
October 2008 – Present
Contributing Writer / Producer
- Maintain a guest blog of original editorials, as well as weekly show recaps of various reality television programs.
- Coordinate with publicists from various networks and production companies to book and schedule interviews with reality TV contestants (in person and call-ins).

Circes World Films LLC
June 2008 - Present
Creative Producer
- Develop original web content for the 18-45 female demographic.
- Pitch story ideas; create outlines; and edit all episodes’ scripts.
- Contribute personal anecdotes, in addition to fictional scenarios, in order to offer more validity to the characters and scripts in general.

Starpulse LLC
March 2008 - Present
Contributing Writer
- Write original editorials on Best and Worst Ofs for television; research Where Are They Now?s; exclusively cover local (L.A. based) concerts and fan events; and turn around write-ups within ten hours (include exclusive photo coverage, as well).
- Pitch all original story ideas; responsible for prioritizing and multi-tasking accordingly to meet deadlines (contribute articles on a weekly basis).
October 2007 – January 2009
Freelance A&E Writer
- Wrote original reviews of new film and DVD releases on a bi-weekly basis (contributed up to 3 articles a month depending on schedule).
- Attended special screenings, junkets, and roundtables; interviewed actors and filmmakers alike for additional original articles and profile pieces.

…TBD Productions
May 2005 – November 2007
Writer / Producer
- Created and pitched Stars in their Eyes, an original half-hour cable comedy pilot; produced and directed the five-minute teaser for the project.
- Self-published debut novel, “Stars in their Eyes,” based on aforementioned original pilot script.
- Wrote half a dozen other original film and television treatments for pitch, including On The Edge, for which a trailer was also produced.
- Wrote semi-autobiographical novel, “pseudonym,” which is currently being shopped around.

TV8 / LA36
September 2002 – May 2005
Writer / Producer, Doing it for Reel / SCreen Test / CU@USC
- Edited all show rundowns and weekly scripts for content as well as time; wrote film reviews, as well as Hollywood News stories and box office reports, to be read on-air.
- Booked all in-studio guests, press junket interviews; shot red carpet and junket interviews; edited packages for broadcast.
- Ran control room during live broadcasts.

EDUCATION: B.A., University of Southern California, School of Cinema-Television: May 2005

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