Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Stars" Come Out For The MTV Movie Awards...

MTV as a network may not have been about music for a long time, but it was never about movies (not even the recent Pedro "biopic" can change that!), so the MTV Movie Awards have always felt a little random-- like nothing more than an attempt to get a bunch of the "it" people of the moment together under one roof with some flashing logos of a fledging network behind them. And judging by the red carpet at their most recent ceremony, this really should be renamed the MTV Reality TV Stars Show!

Here are just a few of what I consider the "highlights" from the carpet. I wasn't placed with the photogs, so it was really hard to take pictures whilst attempting interviews. I was also Press Outlet #48 out of 157-- placed just near enough the Crave Online guy, who was shouting "I have no idea who you are" at people like Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Lautner. Let's put it this way: if he was kidding, they're not the kinds of celebs who have that sense of humor, and if he was just trying to get their attention so they'd stop, even if only to slap them, they didn't take the bait. If he really didn't know who they were, he had no place being there, and I was kind of pissed he had a lower number than I did. So you can imagine just how many felt like stopping to talk to me-- or even walk by at a leisurely pace. It really isn't worth it these days to attend such an event without a videographer; most of these celebs only want to talk if they're going to be on camera. But I did what I could.

Next time I think I'll just bring Madison with me. He always attracts attention, and what celebs don't love dogs?? Although, some of them probably still won't want to talk to me because they'll be intimidated that he is the prettiest one on the carpet :)

You know it's going to be a long afternoon with
fashion gems like this to look forward to.

Tyrese spent more time hugging fans than
chatting with the press.

Um, hello, random!

This made my day.

I don't think he's been on this side
of so many cameras since his SBTB days!

Even Brody's back is pretty.

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