Friday, May 1, 2009

Time Waster Blast!...

This past week my blogging dwindled a bit, other than my weekly columns, which have become quite formulaic and therefore rote of late. In part this was because I got stuck in a never-ending email chain between my editor at one of the entertainment news magazines to which I contribute and a publicist for an event they are sending me to cover, as well as a daily back-and-forths with one particular "new" client at the corporation. But in truth, I was also just quite distracted by other blogs and sites to tend to my own.

Behold, my new favorite time wasters!!!:

Remember right before the 2008 Presidential Election, when there was What If Sarah Palin was in the White House site? It was updated daily until November 4th, and it was full of fun, ever-changing interactive gems like when you clicked on the the globe and she said things like "Oh, I can see Russia from there!" Well, now the good people at Warner Brothers have come up with something similar for the popular Supernatural...only this particular site has more of a puzzle element than simply a "click and get a good laugh" few minutes. features a couple of sections that are "password" or lock-code protected, but the elements to crack said codes, so to speak, are all available on other parts of the page. Click on Papa W.'s journal in the backseat of the Impala, for example, and flip through the pages to find some hidden clues. Pick up the key from the backseat floor and unlock the glove box for more. Or simply click on the rearview mirror for a look at your passenger!

Texts From Last Night is exactly what is sounds like: a website updated every few hours with funny and usually not-so-clever text messages submitted by the site's loyal readers. Most of the texts deal with drunk kids hooking up with someone they don't really like, throwing up, or forgetting where they put something, but every now and then you'll get an exchange (or just a one-liner) that is truly laugh out loud worthy. Two texts I submitted thus far have been posted. One was real and one was something I made up (this site may be the new "Letters" section of Cosmo!), but I'll leave it up to you to figure out which were mine...and which was fake.

Always on the look out for something to do while at my desk at the corporation, I will be sure to report back to you the minute I find more sites that are just as entertaining, even if only for a brief while (anyone remember Stuff White People Like? That fad faded fast!). Stay tuned!!!

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