Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Beautiful, Moving Videos...

Admittedly, I choose to focus the attention of this blog more towards ridiculous celebrity and television "news" than anything of real merit. I much prefer to read up about lighthearted topics to distract me from all of the things I hate about this government, this country, this world. I don't believe I am turning a blind eye to anything: I vote in every single election, regardless of how many propositions are on the ballot, and I volunteer during the larger campaigns to spread awareness and increase numbers. However, I choose not to surround myself with bleak news more often than not just to get me through the day a little easier. Last night was not one of those days.

I felt privileged to be out in West Hollywood last night, walking among hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals all fighting for the common goal of basic human rights. As you already know by now, it was announced yesterday morning that Proposition 8 was upheld, denying gay couples the right to get married but more importantly the right to be considered equal among their peers. For example, if you are gay and your partner is sick and in the hospital, you can be denied visitation rights because you are not technically considered "family." It was moving and humbling all at the same time to walk last night, and I want to share with you two videos that have emerged today from the event. Both of these videos give the cause celebrity faces, which, let's face it, makes them more accessible than some of the others that might be floating around out there. The message is clear regardless of who is delivering it, though: in 2009, we will no longer stand for inequality.

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