Monday, May 18, 2009

WMFATA: Allison Mack...

Though I personally last remember seeing Allison Mack in 1994's Camp Nowhere as the quiet, freckled girl who seemed to be perpetually by Marnette (then Marnie) Patterson's side, she has been the second female lead on The CW's Smallville since its debut in 2001. Her popular character, Chloe Sullivan, even earned her own spin-off of sorts in Smallville: The Chloe Chronicles. She has worked steadily between both ventures, including guest roles on 7th Heaven and Providence and a recurring on Opposite Sex, as well as taking the time for some smaller, more independent projects (2008's Alice & Huck and this year's directorial debut from Melora Hardin, You).
Why My Friends Are Talking About Her
: I'm just going to go with a straight quote from my friend Liz on this one: "[Mack] rarely gets any promotion even though she's the female lead in Smallville and is truly a talented actress. The promotion is usually [around]...Erica Durance, who is only on the show part-time, and who provides the T&A. [Mack] has her own personal blog that I've been reading for a while [where] she discusses all different types of topics, and the fans get to give their take on it. She challenges her fans to be creative with her Mack Events which range from her asking us to put on video six words that describe us, to asking us to perform our favorite piece of literature, movie, or music. I love that she takes the time to not only express what she feels but to keep herself open to her fans. She shares what she loves and what she's passionate about and only asks that we do the same."

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