Monday, May 4, 2009

WMFATA: Jane Lynch...

Jane Lynch is not simply one of the funniest female comedy players in the business, but she is one of the funniest comedians in general. Her dry and quirky delivery has made her stand much farther out from the crowd than just her six foot frame. After spending years as one of Christopher Guest's go-to's (she played Jennifer Coolidge's dog trainer in Best in Show and performed all of her own songs and guitar-playing in A Mighty Wind), Lynch was still relegated to the "Oh, her; I know her. What's her name?" status. But these days, after appearing in dozens upon dozens of more "mainstream" television projects, as well as some indies with "it" comediennes of the moment (think the Sundance hit Spring Breakdown, which will go straight to DVD in June), Lynch finally, just finally, might be getting her due.
Why My Friends Are Talking About Her: Lynch just may be the hardest working woman in show biz. Still guest starring every now and then on CBS' "future classic" Two and a Half Men as Charlie's sometime-therapist, Lynch also has a role on Starz' new cater-waiter comedy Party Down as a once-bit-player still trying to crack the Hollywood game. She has the upcoming Post Grad coming out soon, in which she plays Alexis Bledel's mother, Julie & Julia opposite Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, and of course the new musical comedy pilot Glee, set to air on May 19 with the full season to begin later in the fall. She has a career that which quite a few of my actor friends find enviable!

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