Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WWATN: My First Jack and Jen...

I started watching Days of our Lives a little late in the game-- in 1996-- so I was introduced to the characters of Jack and Jennifer not as the original Matt Ashford and Melissa Reeves but instead as the very blond Steve Wilder and Stephanie Cameron. To me, then, they became the originals, and when they both left the show around 1998, there were some pretty big shoes to fill. I admit that at first I wasn't so keen on the comical take on Jack that Ashford brought (back) to the show, so I was more than pleasantly surprised to find both Wilder and Cameron pop up on Melrose Place. It appeared these two were bound to have parallel careers, and I decided, like any loyal soap fan, to follow them to whatever show on which they ended up.

Recently, after scrounging YouTube for clips of old talk show appearances for a project I was working on, I came across Leeza Gibbon's Days of our Lives Christmas special episode featuring both of these once-great soap players and realized that I hadn't followed through with my silent vow. Sure, there were some ex-Days actors that I still kept up with (namely Jensen Ackles) and others who fell by the wayside but not for lack of trying (like Austin Peck, who's independent romantic comedy I checked out but who has now been spending his days on a competing soap-- one which I just have no interest of attempting to get into), but these two had fallen off my radar completely. I had to find out why!

A little deeper investigation on YouTube (as well as IMDb) quickly shows that Cameron hasn't strayed too far from her roots: she appeared in the made-for-TV movie The Hollywood Mom's Mystery alongside Melora Hardin, Justine Bateman, and George Hamilton, and then in Detective with Annabeth Gish and Rick Gomez. Both sound like chick-lit-turned-Lifetime niche projects, and then Cameron dipped out of the Hollywood scene for a few years, resurfacing just briefly in 2008 to shoot the independent short comedy F'n Frank about a guy who has to go to a cursing support group after his baby's first word is an f-bomb. Cute, but can't exactly say she's come a long way from daytime with those gems.

Wilder, too, did some semi-popular programming in the early 2000s (an episode of Charmed and one of V.I.P) before virtually disappearing only to attempt his comeback in 2008. Wireimage credits him as also being a writer, though no information could be found on just what he happened to write. Wilder appeared alongside Eric Roberts and Daryl Hannah in Dark Honeymoon, a made-for-TV movie about a man who uncovers a "terrible truth" about the woman he married after a brief but intense relationship.

It appeared I was a bit psychic about their parallel careers, no???


Jaime said...

The first agency I worked for represented her. I recognized her headshot. LOL.

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