Friday, June 26, 2009

DanielleTBD's Must List...

Inspired by-- and in part in response to-- last week's Entertainment Weekly "Must" issue, I have compiled my own answers to the questions they posted hottie Ryan Reynolds about the current pop culture items he can't live without. And what lives at the top of my list, you might wonder? The alterna-EW covers provided inside last week's issue, especially the one in which he wears a tux and poses with a water gun ala James Bond.

Must Movie

I personally love to re-watch Camp Nowhere at least once a summer, preferably right around July 4th. It’s the perfect blend of hanging onto my own childhood for a little longer while simultaneously marveling at the simpler things I fear my own children will never get to experience.

Must TV Show

I literally laughed so hard at the Paula Deen episode of My Life on the D-List earlier in the week on a plane that the woman in the middle seat next to me flipped to the station to see what all the fuss was about. Though each season has gotten increasingly “stagy,” Kathy Griffin never shies from it; in fact she not only acknowledges it, but she pokes fun at it-- and herself—in full force. Plus, my dog is crazy obsessed with Chance and Pom Pom, so it’s a show we can watch together and bond over loving—though for very different reasons.

Must Band

I've always been more into individual singers than bands, and I haven't quite jumped on the electronica bandwagon that is the new Black Eyed Peas album, so I'm going to have to give this one once again to Mariah Carey. The AP calls her latest single, "Obsessed," the hottest song of the season, and her twelfth studio album, due out in August, is as anticipated as her second. Plus, did I mention she quotes Mean Girls at the top??? Almost twenty years later, and she's better than ever without having to constantly "reinvent" (*cough, front, cough*) herself.

Must Book

I just ordered about nine books from Amazon, including the critically acclaimed "Netherland" and the modern-day classic "Survivor," but the one that stands out the most right now is "Commencement." As an author, Courtney J Sullivan creates a refreshingly relatable tale of four young women during their supposed carefree college days. Though they have their differences and are each on their own paths, their friendship shines through engagements, anomalies, activism, and disagreements. It is the perfect beach read this summer for measuring just the right amount of fluff with seriousness.

Must Videogame

I don't own any gaming systems, unless an iPhone counts. On there I play a lot of virtual pool, Skeeball, and mini-golf-- the latter of which is actually a lot harder than I thought it would be! But the one game I think everyone should have is Rock Band because it actually teaches music comprehension and appreciation, as well as motor skills (hand-eye coordination and whatnot), and it is a game that actually brings people together instead of keeping kids stationary and secluded in front of a television in their own rooms.

Must Website

I guess it would be shameless to list my own site here, right?

Must Gadget

I’m probably the only person left in America who not only has not upgraded her iPhone to the new 3GS (faster speed and video?? What will they think of next???) but also still has the original, “classic,” first generation iPhone. I like my silver-backed, hard metal, 8GB device, and even though some of the pixels in my screen are burning out, I will rock this thing until it dies completely. Though I admit the 3.0 software upgrade to allow cutting and pasting, searching your inbox, and coming with a free voice notes application (even though I had already paid 99 cents for one in the App Store!) is pretty sweet!

Must Scapegoat For The Moral Decline of Modern Society

I don’t know if I agree with the term “scapegoat” here because as much as I think the media is at fault for building certain people up and always shoving them in our faces, it is not their fault that these people behave so appallingly or that young kids see them behaving so appallingly and want to emulate it. Kids are just human, and they make mistakes, and unfortunately some of those mistakes include picking poor choices in role models. That being said, I guess the person who has gotten the most heat but who has deserved it the least really is Britney Spears. She has made a ton of mistakes in her own life—no one can deny that, not even her—but she never asked to do it in front of the cameras. She never called paparazzi to “bump into her” when she was walking out of those gas station bathrooms in her bare feet; she’s no Jennifer Love Hewitt or Speidi! Her own morals may be a bit questionable at times—or it may be just manipulation from those around her, but whatever the case, she has so often seemed more like a little girl lost than anything else, and yet the media made her out to be a monster for such a while.

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