Monday, June 22, 2009

MMFATA: Patrick J Adams...

Patrick J. Adams is a theater kid whose more traditional training explains just how his talent has been honed past the very many procedurals he has guest starred on since the early 2000s. He has stamped his place in this industry already, working on all of the hot ticket projects like Lost, Friday Night Lights, and in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Adams is also one of the busiest men in show business right now, with two upcoming television shows and two features (in which he may prove to be the biggest name) on the horizon. Adams is able to flit back and forth not only between mediums but also genres, making it obvious that whatever he sets his mind to, he can accomplish-- and well.
Why My Friends Are Talking About Him: Adams' warm eyes and gentle smile wins over Tricia O'Kelley's "sassy" title role in the independent comedy Weather Girl that screened at the LA Film Festival over the weekend. But it is his scruffy, easygoing portrayal that won over audiences. Such an up-and-comer doesn't have to take such a low budget role (and many don't), but Adams, who had worked with Writer/Director Blayne Weaver on a previous project, saw the potential of the script even without the dollar signs. That is the best asset for a young actor to have! Plus, Adams went to USC, which is always a big hit with my alumni friends!

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