Monday, June 8, 2009

MMFATA: Ryan Reynolds...

It might be a little obvious to choose Ryan Reynolds to profile, not just this week but in general, but I'm going to do it anyway because a smile (and abs!) like his just can't be ignored. Reynolds gained some acclaim during his "obvious joke" phase on the sitcom Two Guys and a Girl (and a Pizza Place), as well as in films like Van Wilder and Waiting. However, he spent a considerable amount of time and effort to show off his more dramatic acting (and action) chops in an effort to be taken seriously as a mature man and not a goofy boy. He added credibility to genre flicks like Blade: Trinity and Smokin' Aces and even gave Nicholson a run for his money as creepiest dad-turned-demon in what could have been otherwise campy horror, The Amityville Horror.
Why My Friends Are Talking About Him: Reynolds' resume is as long as his...never mind; the guy can do it all, but he is at his best when he combines his serious side with his comic chops to pull off a lighthearted, even somewhat cynical, "every man" tale. He solidified that he could shine in such a hybrid genre with his sardonic sweetness in Definitely, Maybe, and next week he will win hearts all over again when The Proposal opens in theaters. I thought I disliked Scarlett Johansson before, but taking Reynolds off the market bumped her right to the top of my list!


Jaime said...

He's just...GUH. I love him.

But what I love more than his RIDICULOUS BODY is the fact that he *can* play any type of role, and he's solid in all of them.

And no, by solid I didn't mean his ABS. Though I'm sure those are too.

danielletbd said...

Hehe I know! Come back on Thursday for more of Ryan :)