Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What I'll Be Watching: Fall 2009...

The CW may have angered some Jason Dohring fans by not picking up his political drama for Fall 2009-- instead opting to choose just another revamp to add to the line-up. Melrose Place may follow the same formula as the new version of 90210: campy primetime soap relationship drama set in the shiny, pretty people part of Los Angeles. It will feature some old faces (my favorite Stuy alumn Thomas Calabro; some slightly new faces (like cutie Shaun Sipos); and some that fall somewhere in between (Katie Cassidy; Ashlee Simpson-Wentz). It will also feature some things stolen directly from 90210: staff writer Caprice Crane and actress Jessica Lucas. Viewers who already tune into 90210 may find they seamlessly transfer to a courtyard apartment complex without even realizing one show ended and a new one began; sure, it's mindless entertainment, but sometimes after a long day at work, you need that kind of fictional drama to help you forget (or feel better about) your real kind.

NBC is attempting to keep their stronghold on Thursday night comedies even after deciding not to renew My Name Is Earl. Picking up on the popularity of clip show host Joel McHale, NBC has given the green light to Community, a half-hour about a lawyer who is forced to go back and obtain his degree all over again...as part of a misfit community college. It's like Glee without all of the singing (though I don't think there's anything wrong with singing, and in fact Glee is on my Must Watch list, too-- see below)! McHale's charm, combined with Chevy Chase (what??)'s years of comic experience make this slightly ludicrous premise much more than just a high concept flash in the pan.

CBS may have bombed with their attempt at a musical series, Viva Laughlin, but Fox may have hit the nail on the head by playing to the younger crowd (without falling into the High School Musical sinkhole). Glee is their musical comedy series, previewed on May 19, that follows a high school glee club made up of everyone from an uber-over-achiever to a jock who decided to follow his "true self" (hmm, okay, so maybe there's a little HSM in there!). The adorable Matthew Morrison is the faculty advisor; Jessalyn Gilsig is his high-strung wife, and the incomparable Jane Lynch is the cheerleading coach hell-bent on "bringing down" the glee club.

In the world of reality television, ABC follows Donald Trump's footsteps with Shark Tank, a show that puts ordinary inventors/creators in front of a panel of millionaires, each of whom is a leader in his or her chosen field and has a junk of his or her own personal money (supposedly) to invest in the project-- if they like the pitch enough. Dreams will undoubtedly come true on this show, but just like American Idol, we are bound to see some really crappy "auditions," too!

And if none of these strike your fancy, you can always hold out for mid-season. ABC has V, starring Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell and the yummy Joel Gretsch, which may prove to be nothing more than just a technologically updated attempt at a less-than-mediocre 1980s b-series...or it could be modern-day revolution, sparking debates about faith, hope, and cult-like devotion.

The one that already proves to be more than interesting, though, is The CW's Parental Discretion Advised, as it has been called "Gilmore Girls for the even quirkier set."

Plus, it stars Kristoffer Polaha, who is just too adorable and sweet not to finally succeed with one of his shows!

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