Monday, June 29, 2009

WMFATA: Isabel Lucas...

After spending two years on a nichely-popular Australian soap opera (Home & Away), Isabel Lucas broke out in mainstream America with the tabloid headlines that were Shia LaBeouf's 2008 car crash. Yes, Lucas was the girl in the passenger seat when he flipped his truck, and rumors flew that they were an item. The pair was filming the sequel to the pop culture phenomenon, Transformers, which is playing now. Lucas should soon be known for much more than just the potential girlfriend of a promising young actor, though, as she has four films due out in the next few months.
Why My Friends Are Talking About Her: Though most of my friends have agreed that the latest of the Transformers franchise is quite ridiculous, even in a genre that expects a severe suspension of disbelief as it is, Lucas has emerged as a breakout. In fact, my friends at Entertainment Weekly even put her on their Must List, saying she even manages to out shine Megan Fox. Considering Fox has had the media creaming in their jeans (excuse my French) for the last year or so now, that is quite possibly one of the biggest acclaims she could...claim.

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