Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WWATN: The Hottest Reality Show Winner (At Least On CBS)...

When Drew Daniel was in the Big Brother house during season five, there was something about him that seemed familiar far beyond the normal "boy next door." His season was the "twin twist" season, solidifying Big Brother as a show that casts its contestants rather than looks for "real people." And that's when it hit me: Daniel was a former model and probably wannabe actor (like so many that came before him, including "firefighter" Jase who was really a model and wannabe actor himself). In fact, Daniel and his twin brother were featured in the stock footage stills used in the bump in and outs of Reba. Daniel probably thought Big Brother was his big break, but though he won his season, he disappeared for the five years that followed.

Now, though, Daniel is promoting a film called He's Such a Girl starring Patrick Duffy, Ed Begley Jr, Alexandra Paul, and the equally adorable Bryan Fisher. The film is clearly an indie, probably set to make the festival rounds, about a guy who acts like the stereotypical clingy girl in relationships and seeks advice from all of the wrong people when his girlfriend starts to pull away from him. Though Daniel's role appears to be somewhat minimal-- probably just the friend of the main character-- it is still finally a step in the right direction if he is serious about this whole acting thing.

And how will this season's Big Brother contestants fare? Find out on July 9th when the newest season premieres on CBS!

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