Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Made Eight Year Old Me So Happy!...

I don't find Jimmy Fallon particularly funny. Nor do I watch a lot of late night talk show television in general. However, I cannot believe I missed this! Breaking the fourth wall in a way only the early 90s made seem cool!? Time outs, a remote control cutout of Tiffani Thiessen, a giant cell phone!? A LIVE PERFORMANCE OF "FRIENDS FOREVER" WITH THE ROOTS!?!?!? Le sigh. I'm in love all over again. If Fallon gets Dustin Diamond (please, what else is he doing these days??) and Tiffani Thiessen to sign on for the reunion, I will fly back to NY to see that taping!!

1 comment:

Jaime said...

My guess is that everyone will agree except Dustin Diamond because he's proven to be a complete douchebag. He'll do it eventually, but I'd bet he's going to make sure to get as much attention beforehand as possible so that he believes he's more important than the rest of them.

I hope they just do it without him.