Monday, July 6, 2009

MMFATA: Jesse L Martin...

NBC may have single-handedly made Jesse L. Martin the household name he became with his work as Detective Ed Green on Dick Wolf's Law & Order franchise. And this NY actor was in the original incarnation of the series! However, to those with theatre in their veins, Martin will always be known as the activist, anarchist, and angelic Tom Collins in Jonathan Larson's Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning RENT. Though he has quite a few projects in the works now, including a biopic of acclaimed singer Marvin Gaye, Martin has been laying low since leaving NBC in 2008. Thankfully, though, he is back on the network that made him-- and therefore back in our homes-- for what will hopefully be months and perhaps even years to come!

Why My Friends Are Talking About Him: My friend Roxanne, who openly calls Martin her "future husband"-- even around work clients who just happen to include his longtime employer, NBC-- has admitted she is only tuning into The Philanthropist for her fix of Martin. And even then she's only watching it on VOD and fast-forwarding to his scenes!

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