Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Open Letter To Taylor DiGiovanni...

Dear Tay (Can I call you Tay? You seem like someone just young enough to think that's "cute"):

Stop it. Just stop it.

Okay, in reality, I know you can't. I know the current season of NYC Prep-- which I just can't give up no matter how much I want to have my uterus removed while watching it, for fear that I might someday accidentally spawn little brats like you and your spoiled, rich friends-- I know that season was taped months and months ago so it's not like you can see your immature behavior one week and adjust what you say and do in front of cameras for the next. I know that even if it was on a live delay ala Big Brother or something, the odds of you recognizing your immaturity and actually changing are just as slim as PC admitting he's gay before college. I get it: it's tough to be a teenager these days, especially in such a highly competitive city and school. You're acting out; you're trying to grow up but your subconscious is trying to keep you a kid for as long as you can, so it causes this dichotomy that just comes off as ridiculous no matter what you say. Nothing ever seems to go right for you; everyone is against you; blah blah blah. Does that seem about right?

I overlooked your dumb comments towards your mother when you said she couldn't possibly know anything about relationships because she's been (gasp!) divorced. I figured a part of you might still be that scared and hurt little girl who just wants her daddy back, so you lash out at the reason you think he left. Or whatever. I ignored your blatant eye-rolling at her when you guys went shopping; I even ignored the fact that you were ignoring her to instead text some random guy. I ignored because I understood: I was fifteen once, too, and I can't judge you for thinking your mom is a dork for checking up on you and asking about your friends. I did the same at the time.

However, for someone who is supposed to be so book smart (or so the test scores must say-- I mean, you can't pay your way into Stuyvesant the way you can into private school...at least you couldn't when I went there), you act really stupid when it comes to life. It's one thing to like two guys at the same time; again, I don't judge you for that because I've been there, too. And I admit I definitely had my immature relationship moments as a freshman in Stuy. But it's quite another to not realize that by parading one guy in front of the other (one who you didn't even break up with before you went back to your ex, I might add), you are creating ridiculous amounts of unnecessary drama. You spoke to the girls of America (or at least NYC) in your interview, telling them not to like or date Sebastian because he's a jerk, when really it was you who was Queen Bitch. He was hurt by how you treated him, so he put a wall up and told you that you guys were not friends and wouldn't be hanging out on weekends, and how could you blame him for that or expect anything different? You never hung out with him on weekends when you weren't "dating," why would you start now? My guess is to have another guy in the wings if things go bad with your ex-turned-again-BF. Ugh. Girls like you are what I hated about high school.

Oh, and I'm sure you are very intelligent when it comes to your studies. I'm sure the prep courses helped out in getting you admitted to Stuy, but I don't deny that there must be something academic deep within you that keeps you there. I just don't buy-- with your smirky little smile and inability to name specifics-- that you were really reading philosophy books "for fun" (or really that you were even reading them for class; it might sound nice and "adult" to say you're reading them, but you need to have evidence to back up your claims). If you were, and you just wanted to giggle and play it off cutely, along with the "I want to be an elephant trainer" comment as just something "that Tay" would say while twirling her hair around her finger, then I may have pegged you wrong initially, but you're still giving the school (let alone yourself!) a bad image by playing the ditzy "dumb blonde" even when you're brunette. Look at how everyone laughed at Jessica Simpson; is that really what you want to happen to you!?!?

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Jamie said...

All of the kids on this show should have been aborted. A part of me though doesn't mind how Taylor treated Sebastian. He spends every episode talking about how he can hook up with so many girls. He's a player who got played. He can't have my sympathy - girls are a game to him. This is just one game he lost to Taylor. That said - the victim act annoys me about Taylor, because she isn't innocent. Just accept that Sebastian being mad is your fault (don't feel too bad about it though, he is a tool).

why do i watch this show? It makes me want to throw things at my TV, which would be bad because I like my TV! Though I think these kids have given my TV syphilis...