Monday, July 13, 2009

Seeing Ghosts (Of Many Persuasions)...

Huh. I don't consider myself a Michael Jackson expert or anything. I don't even own all of his "epic" and "groundbreaking" music videos. Still, I was somewhat shocked to read Stephen King's article in Entertainment Weekly about his one brush with Mr. Jackson himself. I had no idea that at some point in the nineties (right around when the first child molestation accusations began to arise-- ironically or poignantly?? Well, that depends on just how cynical you are, I guess...) he created this short film of a musical entitled "Ghosts."

The opening clearly shows a group of suburban "normals" who want to smoke MJ out, calling him a weirdo, and alluding to something he may or may not have said and/or done to a kid as the justification. Then what follows is more crazy make-up, FX, and of course dancing that we have come to know and love and expect from the King of Pop. And what makes it amazingly better is that not only did Stephen King write it, but Mick Garris and Stan Winston directed it!

(Plus it co-stars a very young, very yuppified Mos Def!!!)

Michael Jackson - Ghosts
by Wakazai

So tell me, have any of you guys seen this before??

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