Thursday, July 16, 2009

Will You Watch?...

Just another new little column for all y'all faithful readers ;)

Today Bethenny Frankel gave a cooking demo at Macy's Herald Square. While chatting up fans and a handful of reporters alike, Frankel had to field questions left and right about the status of the next (third) season of The Real Housewives of NYC after rumors flew that a good majority of the cast were looking for pay raises. As Frankel's show-BFF Jill Zarin pointed out, though, they are an ensemble and should all stick together-- not unlike the way the cast of Friends negotiated together when it came to numbers.

Maybe Zarin didn't get the BBM, though, because it was announced today that Frankel would be getting her own show, aptly titled Skinny & The City, and therefore would not be returning for the third season of Housewives. I can't help but think that Kelly Bensimon's eagerness to re-sign-up, then, had to do with the fact that her nemesis would no longer be around to point out her stupidity and vapidity.

So now the question is, will Zarin move over to Skinny & The City, becoming to Frankel what Maggie is to Kathy Griffin? Will Frankel continue to seem as witty and sardonic when we get a full half-hour of her one-liners and impressions? But more importantly: will you watch? Will you tune in and give Skinny & The City a chance? And/or will you stick with what you know will bring the drama and the laughs with the Housewives series-- even if they end up replacing a few of the ladies?

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