Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WWATN: The Rest Of Those Crazy SBTB Kids...

For some reason, TBS insists on showing Saved By The Bell episodes out of order, so I never know, when I flip the channel on at seven a.m. every Monday through Friday, if I'm going to get an episode at Malibu Sands, one in which Zack's voice hasn't quite dropped yet, or one where the gang is co-habitating at Cal U. About once a week, it has proven to be the latter, though, and I have fallen in love with the slightly more mature gang even more now that I am old enough to appreciate the traditions and pitfalls that comes with being on a college campus. When the show was originally airing, I was somewhat reluctant to let go of the locker-filled hallways of Bayside, because that was what was comfortable and what I knew. I didn't want to embrace these new girls out of my loyalty to Lisa and Jessie-- Lark and Elizabeth-- but now, they seem like the type with whom I'd want to spend a Saturday night-- or a Friday morning, as it were.

You don't have to look very far or hard (or even at all, if you've been paying attention to recent television of late) to know where our first suitemate has ended up this decade and a half later. Kiersten Warren, who played the somewhat shrill and inhibited wannabe actress Alex Tabor has been working steadily in comedy films and with guest appearances on shows like the canceled Dirt and Dirty Sexy Money, as well as popular niche programming such as Fringe and Nip/Tuck (for which she has taped an episode that will not air until the new season. You will most likely remember her as Nora on Desperate Housewives, though, as the shrill, abrasive, conniving mother of Tom's first child (you know, the illegitimate and now-shipped-off Bad Seed rip-off one). Warren is married to fellow actor Kirk Acevedo (Fringe), and they are raising two kids, one of whom is following in her mom's footsteps and starred in Living With Fran as Fran Drescher's precocious teenage daughter, as well as the memorable "Firsts" episode of How I Met Your Mother, playing a precocious teen who "deflowered" Young Ted.

You might have to look a little harder to recognize the other woman of Cal U, and the one whose attention Zack vied for before Kelly was back in the picture, Leslie Burke, aka Anne Tremko. Though like Warren, Tremko has continued to act in shows like Malibu Shores, Nick Fresno: Licensed Teacher, and Chicago Hope, she has tried a bit harder to shed her young image. Tremko's way of doing this was to shed a whole bunch of inches from her blonde locks, going for a more mature and sophisticated look, presumably to start winning "young mom" instead of "party girl" parts. Tremko's last acting role was in 2003, on an episode of Judging Amy, though, so perhaps her good intentions did not pay off as planned.

And just what about the guys? Bob Golic, everyone's favorite "Teddy Bear Jock" RA Mike Rogers, quit acting in the late nineties-- right after he attempted to change his image, too. His final project, an "erotica thriller" probably worthy of Skinemax was called Dreamboats, and it was one in which he co-starred and co-produced. These days, though, Golic has gone back to his roots in sports, where he hosts an afternoon radio show about football in his home state of Ohio. I guess no one was buying Bob Golic: Sex Stud!

Professor Jeremiah Lasky won Kelly's heart (and mine!)-- at least for a little while. It was a shock at first to think anyone could come between Zack and Kelly, but once you saw Patrick Fabian you suddenly understood. I wanted to play house with him, too! It should be no surprise then that Fabian went on to play Professor again (on cult-favorite Veronica Mars), and even though his wavy brown hair had turned a premature gray, he won my heart again (the gray really did make him look more distinguished!). Fabian has also been on Big Love, According to Jim, and The Cleaner recently, as well as in my new favorite independent comedy, Spring Breakdown. Though his CW show Valentine, in which he appropriately played a Greek God, got canceled prematurely, he already has two new projects lined up for the end of the year.

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