Saturday, August 8, 2009

Can Twitter Work For Me?...

There has been a lot of joking in the media about the usefulness of the newest technology craze, Twitter. While its two sentence max allotment may seem perfect for this generation's attention span, it turns out that teenagers aren't really Twittering (Tweeting?) all that much. Instead, it appears that thirty-something once-bloggers have turned to the social networking site as a way to feed quippy information to their dozens of fans. Where one live-blogged in 2007, he or she now "live Twitters" in 2009. What's next? The first celebrity interview done entirely in @reply?!?

I set up my Twitter account earlier in the year, figuring I could post my recent article headlines, along with the link back to this blog in an attempt to drive up my numbers. And it seems to have worked in drips and bits; my amount of "followers" is just about one hundred more than those I actually know in "real" life (and since Twitter has removed spammers from their site, I am confident to say these can count towards my official fan club numbers!). The number has stayed pretty consistent, though, so I started to think about how else I could utilize this new technology to the best of my advantage, and only one thing came to mind: contact the stars of Dance til Dawn and ask them to sign my copy of the DVD!

Oh yes, girls and boy, I am completely serious. I have already been "following" Christina Applegate and Alyssa Milano, both of whom have verified accounts from the site. And I have already sent them simple @reply messages that state: "If I send my copy of the "Dance til Dawn" DVD to your manager, will you sign it for me?" Well within the character count limit; count them if you must! Matthew Perry has not been proven to be real or fake yet, but I will take my chance on him, as well. I haven't looked up Kelsey or Mary or Chris or Brian yet, but let the record show I will do so immediately! I will add them to my feed list and happily scroll through their sporadic postings when they pop up on my TwitterFon iPhone Application.

Now, I have not yet heard back from either Christina or Alyssa, though I have a sneaking suspicion they make think it's some sort of cruel joke-- calling upon such an awkward childhood memory and all. I ensure you that it is not. And I will pursue with vigor!

When I was a kid, I wrote to my favorite stars c/o the P.O. Boxes their managers and/or publicists set up in the back of all of the Sterling Magazines. I usually got a response back within six to eight weeks. Nowadays, with the instantaneousness of the internet, though, I think I should expect results much quicker than that, wouldn't you say!?

If you want to help make my Twitter mission a success, feel free to @reply Christina and Alyssa (and the other stars, once I find and post their Twitter "handles") on my behalf!!

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