Friday, August 28, 2009

The Challenge Is Back!...

After a tumultuous few weeks for Viacom, their long-beloved reality game show has been announced to return on September 30th. That's right: The Real World/Road Rules Challenge is back, and this time it's with a vengeance! Though the promo announces that this is a cast we've never seen, actually quite a few favorites from years past have returned to battle it out in something called The Ruins.

The two teams this time around are the Champions and the Challengers. The Champions are self-explanatory: those who have won a previous RR/RW Challenge. The Challengers are equally as self-explanatory, even if the composite might leave you scratching your heads. You have to remember that these are people who have all appeared on past challenges-- perhaps a buttload of them-- but never won. That's how hotshots like Brad and Danny are on this latter team.
Oh yeah and TJ Lavin once again returns as our dry host.

So who is returning? There are fan faves Diem, Derrick, Kenny, and Evan. There are long-lost fan faves Syrus and Darrell. There are love-to-hate-em picks Tonya, Katie, Dunbar, Veronica, and Johnny. There are even newbies (and cuties) like Chet and Cohutta! Noticeably absent are the troublemakers from years past-- namely CT, and namely for the last year's season, though his cohort in the fight, Adam, and his cohort in the drama, Shauvon, make hopefully triumphant returns-- but of course this season boasts plenty of drama on its own.

Evelyn is bound to blow up at at least one of the other "chicks" in the house. And with ex-bethrothed Wes and Johanna living under the same roof as ex-bf/gf Cohutta and KellyAnne (and especially considering KellyAnne is now dating Wes), MTV is guaranteed some drunken crying arguments if not some drunken hot tub hookups resulting in partner swapping by the end of the season or until all four are eliminated from the game (which ever may come first).

So set your TiVos now and/or put it on your calendar because Wednesday nights are about to get heated, y'all!

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Jaime said...

I have a feeling CT will never be asked back to a Challenge. He's so volatile, he just can't be trusted. I thought he was going to kill Adam in that fight last Challenge. As for this one, I'm happy to see Paula absent, and wish they'd convinced Colin to come back for the Champions team because he was awesome.