Sunday, August 30, 2009


Tonight's season two premiere of Tool Academy is only about ten minutes in, but already I'm realizing that while all of these guys are without a doubt gross and swarmy, it is actually their girlfriends who are the real tools. After all, these guys have been doing the party boy/unappreciative/cheating/mooching/general loser behavior for a while now, and yet these girls still reward them by being their girlfriends. Whether or not the guys were this bad at the start of the relationship, the girls definitely "allowed" the behavior to get so out of hand by staying with them through it and not offering an ultimatum of any kind. They still slept with these guys...hell, they probably even paid for their Ed Hardy tees and giant tattoos! Could their own self-esteem be so low that they thought these douches were the best they'd find? Or were they just too possessive to let them loose on the barrage of drunk bar girls they'd inevitably pick up (and in some cases, were already)! And where the hell are the mothers??? Why weren't they the ones to turn these man-boys into the Academy?

It is a damn good thing that the "counseling" that takes place on this show is of the couples' kind because these girls need just as much psychological work done as the guys do!

Um, so how long do you think we have before one of these "contestants" is exposed for having a violent criminal history?

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