Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hottie of the Week: Ben Hollingsworth...

I wanted to hate everything and everyone involved with The Beautiful Life on The CW; I really did. And I thought it would be easy; after all, they rewarded party girl Mischa Barton with yet another starring role, even though there had to be at least three dozen other girls prettier, more talented, and harder working who also wanted the role. But then I went to The CW Fall Screening Preview last week, and I saw the hype package chock full of Ben Hollingsworth, and I realized I couldn't stay mad forever. Will I tune in? Probably not. Will I stare longingly at the full-page advertisements in Entertainment Weekly or TV Guide? If they feature the guys, I sure as hell will! Though Hollingsworth's character will face the challenge of being called "too stocky" for a casting within the first few episodes of the series, the man himself will always be just perfect in my eyes.

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