Friday, August 28, 2009

It's A Bad Time To Be In The (Viacom) Reality Business...

As if it wasn't bad enough that earlier this month VH1 had to pull not one but two trashtastic reality shows from their line-up due to the unfortunate (and untimely) involvement of a contestant that appeared (Ryan Jenkins) who was undergoing his own demise, now MTV faces a similar battle.

Both Megan Wants A Millionaire and I Love Money 3 had already been shot and presumably edited when it came to light that Jenkins had a criminal history (but who doesn't these days on these shows??) and was the main point of interest in the strangulation and mutilation case of his (former?) wife model/actress Jasmine Fiore. We all know how that one ended: VH1 pulled the plug on Megan Wants..., undoubtedly pissing off the dog-loving (pun intended) blonde who just wanted the rest of her fifteen minutes, just before Jenkins' body was found in a Canadian hotel room. Though no official word has been given on the state of I Love Money 3, it is safe to assume that one won't be hitting screens anytime soon.

Today, unfortunately marks another such tough decision for the media conglomerate. In a sad (but also timely) twist of fate DJ AM, who survived a plane crash almost one year ago, was found dead in his New York City apartment. His own form of Final Destination (which, coincedentally, has its newest number in the franchise hitting theaters today)? Either way, drug paraphernalia littered his apartment, even though he had just wrapped production on an MTV "intervention" program.

Will MTV pull the plug on that, still unaired, show as well? Or will they just take a little extra time to edit around him the way in which they could not for Jenkins, who was runner-up on Megan Wants... and supposedly actually won I Love Money 3? I guess we should wait for a statement from MTV. Considering it took VH1 about three weeks to give us one, I'd say we'll have a verdict come September 15th. Anyone want to take that bet?


Jaime said...

Wow. I thought I was up on all the pop culture happenings today, but clearly I was not. I had no idea that DJ AM died. Holy shit. Travis Barker must be FREAKING OUT.

Jamie said...

Final Destination is the first thing I though of too!!!