Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kim Zolciak SINGS!...

OMFG, is this for real??? In all of my scripted television viewing/Q&Aing today, I almost missed that Kim Zolciak (the wig-wearing, chain-smoking, allegedly husband stealing drama starter from The Real Housewives of Atlanta) finally dropped her first single!

This morning, on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, the song debuted. Called "Tardy for the Party" (mocking something that was said on season one), it's full of synthesizers and auto-tune goodness and sounds like it's straight out of the psychedelic 80s. And yet I want to download it anyway.

Click here to listen to "Tardy For The Party"

Is it just me, or does this kind of sound like another Bonnie Hunt spoof? My guess is that if it gets a whole bunch of negative reviews, Kim will release a "statement" saying her studio session was stolen and leaked or that wasn't really her or something bogus to buy her more time. And excuse me, but whatever happened to the country album she was supposedly releasing? "Tardy For The Party" doesn't have that down home twang sound to me!

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