Monday, August 17, 2009

MMFATA: Joe Jonas...

What can I say about the Jonas Brothers that hasn't already been said-- or screamed-- by tween girls and some middle aged women all across the country? The truth is, I never really believed the hype. I always thought their music was too cookie-cutter, too straight-from-the-Disney-factory for my liking, and let's face it, I never quite "bought" the whole purity ring thing after what went down with another teen Disney star just a few years ago... But I have to admit that one brother has stood out above the rest, and even though he is the one who doesn't play an instrument on their tracks, and therefore the one I always found most expendable, I think we have finally found his purpose! Just like the great Carrot Top, Joe Jonas is a prop comic!

Why My Friends Are Talking About Him: My friend Natalie wants to marry the Jonas Brothers. She has a countdown on her calendar to when they will be legal. And she's not the only one! But more importantly, Joe has emerged as a favorite lately after photos "leaked" from their soundchecks, at which he really lets loose and has some fun and encourages the other guys to dress is ridiculous costumes. He dressed as an 80s era heartthrob, which many bloggers called an "Ode to Saved By The Bell;" he brought his brother Kevin in on the condiments day; and most recently he dressed up like a giant birthday cake, making many brace-faced kids' dreams come true. Most rock stars would show up to soundchecks (if at all) in dark glasses, low slung hats, wrinkled tee shirts, and bare feet. They're hung over at best and often times still a little drunk from the night before. But Joe is bright-eyed and eager and trying to make it a little more fun-- and a little less repetitive-- and that is something to be commended. Even if you're still laughing a bit at him while doing so.

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