Thursday, August 13, 2009

NBC Stamps It's Approval On Facebook...

Many networks have decided of late that Facebook is a worthy marketing tool. Starz set up "Fan Pages" for its new comedy, Party Down, during its debut season, posting exclusive interviews and "behind the scene clips" with the cater-waiter cast. Not many people gave that a second glance, though, as Starz is still considered a somewhat new movie channel, but even newer when it comes to original programming. Now, though, one of the big threes (if that term should even still exist) has put their stamp of approval on the social networking site. Just like how movie studios began doing Black Carpet secret screenings of new releases through MySpace a few years ago when that site was the sh*t, now NBC has turned to Facebook to promote their new comedy, Community.

Joel McHale (and okay, maybe a few Chevy Chase) fans who click the "Become A Fan" link on the Community page are rewarded by being allowed to watch the pilot of the series more than a month before the show is set to air on the network. Though the pilot won't be online (or on Facebook) forever, there is a nice eighty-something day window during which one has ample time to watch at their leisure.

Now, I was one of the ones who wanted to go to the NBC Paley Center Fall TV Preview to see Community early, but Facebook almost made that event virtually unnecessary (because I couldn't care less about Mercy or Trauma). The pilot was spotty at best, and in all honesty, I don't know if I could sit through it again. I'll still watch the show when it premieres on September 17th, though-- out of my love for McHale but also because the Better Off Ted pilot was spotty, too, and now that is one of my favorite shows. But I can't help but wonder if NBC's plan to get that pilot out there in order to drum up excitement for the show is going to bite them in their behinds when they realize that the Wall Posts, Tweets, and blogs (though it seems like fewer and fewer of these are sticking around!) are not all that complimentary. At least people are talking about it, I guess, though, right??

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