Thursday, August 13, 2009

Will You Watch?: Teen Dream Edition...

VH1 premieres yet another reality dating (or marriage?) show on Sunday. Simply called My Antonio, the show focuses on model-turned-actor Antonio Sabato Jr.'s quest for love. Joining him on his journey are yet another thirteen women looking for their man and their fifteen minutes of fame...and one who has already been there and done that. The ex-Mrs. Sabato Jr., fellow model-slash-actor Tully Jensen, appears on the show alongside the other wannabes and the imposters (though the women's ages range from 21 to 40 on their VH1 bios, their photos prove that at least a couple of them are playing the Catherine Zeta-Jones game of age "rounding down") in an attempt to win back the man who was once hers. Um, can you say drama???

I admit I had a couple of Antonio's Calvin Klein ads up on my walls growing up. I admit I wrote him fan letters, hoping he'd send me an autographed 8x10 (and he did; it was a lovely personalized headshot of him on the beach). He is the reason I first learned about dimples,-- and learned that I liked them!-- but I always deemed him too old and out of my league for me. I had to be nine or ten at the time, and I knew there was no way such a sophisticated man would look twice at a kid like me. If only I had known about this casting, though! I am now comfortably within the appropriate age range for a guy like him, let alone a reality show like this! And I must also admit that if you're going to audition for one such show, this one just seems like the one to do because Antonio is heads, tails, and of course dimples above Real, Chance, Bret, or Flava Flav of the usual Viacom suspects!

So now the question at hand: will you watch??? Check out this sneak peek of My Antonio and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments:

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